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I don't know if this is the proper forum for this, but I am undertaking a project in a 1927 Bungalow to fix a number of issues with the first floor of the house and thought I'd document it here and invite comment along the way. Hopefully it will help others out in the future and help me out if I'm doing something that could be done better. Problems: 1) Floors are sagging 2) Joists are 2X8 spanning 1311 and 14'1 and bending downward 3) Under the 4 load bearing walls there are no columns or extra support (only a double 2X8 joist) 4) Joists are notched and hanging on by a thread in the center beam of the house (3 2X8's sandwiched together) on a ledger strip that's about 2X2 at best. (On the other side they are properly resting on a sill plate on the foundation. Interesting Fact: 1) Approx 10 years ago (who knows in reality) a second floor addition was built with no additional support on the first floor. My PE informed me that all the weight is coming down on two load bearing walls of the house and below these load bearing walls are 2 2X8 13'1 joists sandwiched together. Woah! 2) We discovered through some detective work that the existing lally column under the main beam of the house has no footer, they are just on the concrete slab. 3) We also discovered that there USED to be columns under the load bearing walls, but they were removed and there are no footers there either. So, the PE ran all the numbers and the plan is: 1) Install proper (24X24X12 with 3#5 each way rebar) footers under every 4 column to be installed. (6 in total) 2) Jack all joists to level with lots of 20-ton bottle jacks and lots of 8X8 lumber 3) Sister every existing 2X8 with machine graded SYP #2 4) Install 4 lally columns under the load bearing walls to split the span in half 5) Install 4 lally colums under the main beam of the house 6) Sister the existing joists under the load bearing walls with LVLs on each side 7) Remove the existing ledger strip and replace with joist hangers 8) Clean up all the horrible electrical/plumbing mess over the years Turns out that the existing 2X8 floor joists are 1.75 wide actual width, so the new width once they are sistered with the new 2X8 SYP#2 joists will be 3.25 wide which is requiring custom made joist hangers. OK, I think that's enough for now, I'll post a few pictures of the main beam, and floor as we're going to be cutting out the slab today to prepare the ground for the new footers.
Category: General Contractor Post By: BEVERLY DIAZ (Alameda, CA), 03/13/2018

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