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Hi everyone, i'm new to this site and am have been a carpenter apprentice for around 7 months... sorry for such a elementary question but right now we're doing form work and most of my 2X4 cuts have been coming out 1/16-1/8 short and i've been taking some serious heat from my journeyman at work because of it... the saw we're using is the worm-drive mag77... what i'm having trouble with is the blade being on the left-side of the motor. when i cut 2X4's, i'll make my measurement, square it, then cut it and the way we cut it at work is with the 2X on our left foot w/our right foot back. so if i make my measurement from left to right, i can see my cut-line (when i cut) since the blade is on the left-side of the motor, but then the right side of the lumber is just too long hanging off of my left foot... naturally i want the smaller piece to fall off on the right when i cut, but when i'm cutting 6 blocks that means i can't see my cut-line or i'll end up cutting the block 1/8 or so short... i hope what i wrote is understandable because i'm having trouble describing my problem lol... basically, the blade is on the left and in order to see the cut-line, the line has to be on the left side of the blade... so when i cut off of my left foot, the lumber always comes out short... if we had saw-horses or a table it would be easy but at work, everything is about production and we cut fast, consistent, and off of our foot... the journeyman i work with gives me trouble because of my inaccurate cutting but when i ask for help he just tells me to go cut it and doesn't offer any advice... thanks for any help and i really hope what i wrote makes sense since it was hard to describe my problem
Category: General Contractor Post By: LUCY FRAZIER (New Orleans, LA), 02/28/2018

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